Statement on World Water Day
Monday, 27 March 2017 13:09

compsudThe Chair of the Circle of the Mediterranean Parliamentarians on Sustainable Development (COMPSUD), Vice Chair of the Steering Committee of the Global Water Partnership Organization” (GWPO) and f. Chairman of the Standing Committee for the Environment of the Hellenic Parliament and its Subcommittee of Water Resources, and Director of the European Institute of Law, Science & Technology, Dr. Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou, made the following statement on Water.

“In 1993, the UN General Assembly officially declared March 22 as World Water Day. The World Water Day is celebrated with the UN initiative and the participation of governments and cooperating institutions, including the Global Water Partnership Organization. Every year, March 22 reminds us that, although there has been some progress, we must take additional action to address the water crisis. Today in developing countries there are still 663 million people living without safe access to water, without water near their homes, and spend hundreds of hours to fetch water for their families. At the same time, both developing and developed countries need to step up decontamination efforts. Water resources are often polluted, even drinking water, and we must put our efforts into the decontamination process in order to protect public health and the ecological balance of ecosystems. Furthermore, the global water resources are being under pressure of climate change, resulting in strong water shortages to occur in many parts of the world. Let us not forget that water is a source of life, a cooperation and equitable development tool. The protection and sustainable management of water resources will determine the future of millions of people around the world in the coming years. The challenges -due to overexploitation, pollution and climate change- are great. The intensification of international cooperation, the emphasis on new financial instruments for the environment and adaptation to climate change, the development and use of innovative technologies, as well as sound management and desalination projects are aspects on which the international community should focus. The Global Sustainability Goal No 6 is related to access to safe water for all and adequate sanitation by 2030. Together we must succeed.”

Press Release - 30/11/2015
Monday, 30 November 2015 23:00

Dr. Avgerinopoulou, Greek candidate for head of UNEP, attending Leaders΄ Event, COP21, Paris

Dr. Dionysia –Theodora Avgerinopoulou, Greece’s candidate for the position of Under-Secretary General of the UN and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme” (UNEP), is attending the COP21 Opening today in Paris, France. The opening ceremony of the Leaders’ Event head starts the UN Climate Summit that is taking place from Monday 30th to Tuesday 8th December 2015, with the participation of  190 UN member nations’ Presidents and Prime Ministers. The objective of the 2015 Conference is to achieve, for the first time, a legally binding and universal agreement on climate. The ultimate goal of the Convention of the Parties is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit the global temperature increase to 2 °C above pre-industrial levels and support nations in implementing adaptation policies.

Dr. Avgerinopoulou, has joined the national delegation and is attending the opening ceremony of COP21 in a dual capacity: as Chair of  theCircle of Mediterranean Parliamentarians for Sustainable Development (COMPSUD) and a Member of the Steering Committee of the Global Water Partnership Organization (GWPO).  Dr. Avgerinopoulou, an environmental leader and dedicated politician regarding environmental issues, is a specialized attorney in International, Environmental and Sustainable Development Law, and the recipient of the Green Star Award presented by UNEP, OCHA, and Green Cross International, for her leadership in prevention, preparedness and response to environmental emergencies. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment.


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European Young Leaders: '40 under 40' - Athens Seminar
Wednesday, 26 June 2013 00:00

Athens, 26/6/2013

Press Release

European Young Leaders: '40 under 40' - Athens Seminar

More co-operation between Mediterranean Countries is needed

By invitation of Dr. Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou, M.P., Chairperson of the Special Permanent Committee on Environmental Protection of the Hellenic Parliament, the fourth seminar in Friends of Europe and EuropaNova’s European Young Leaders: “40 under 40” programme took place in Athens, Greece. Dr. Avgerinopoulou, selected among the first group of European Young Leader in 2011-2012, welcomed the “40 under 40” group who met in her home-country from June 13-15 2013, highlighting the challenges and the arduous efforts of the Greek people to overcome the crisis and build a better life for future generations.

The European Young Leaders ’40 under 40’ programme, launched two years ago and led by the think-tanks EuropaNova and Friends of Europe, aims to promote a European identity and develop leadership by engaging 40 of the European Union’s brightest minds in initiatives that will shape Europe’s future. Each year, forty young leaders, from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds and various European nationalities, are carefully selected to take part in a series of biannual 3-day meetings. The Young Leaders are asked to reflect upon the major problems confronting Europe and to generate innovative ideas that can provide lasting solutions. The European Young Leaders ‘40 under 40’ programme is a unique European leadership initiative that aims to create a new generation of opinion leaders shaping the future of our continent and joining forces to foster our decision-makers’ long-term vision.

New generation of European Young Leaders met in Athens and discussed about the economic future, as well as the overall European integration dynamic, using Greece as an example. Issues discussed at the seminar included democracy and fighting extremism, youth unemployment and prospects for a European "renewal". 

The seminar kicked off with an open discussion between the Young Leaders and the former Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos. Building a strong post-crisis Europe will be contingent on fostering unity in union, Avramopoulos said, adding that “we must get away from our fatalist analysis of our situation and offer hope, direction, and a cohesive narrative to younger generations of Europeans.”

Dr. Avgerinopoulou addressed the issue of Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, as a way of positive cooperation between EU Member States, African and Middle East countries. In her speech Dr. Avgerinopoulou said that the EU should devote more funds and expertise in order to further support neighboring countries efforts in achieving environmental and energy goals. She also emphasized on the importance of European Young Leaders and the new generation of Europeans as a whole in developing and promoting a sustainable, inclusive economic model for the region and the world. 

At the panel discussions Guillaume Klossa, President of EuropaNova, and Giles Merritt Secretary General of Friends of Europe made the opening remarks, while Ioannis Karkalis, Special Advisor to the Director of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) welcomed the “40 under 40” to the Sounion installations of (EPLO). Assia BenSalah Alaoui, Ambassador at Large of King Mohamed VI of the Kingdom of Morocco, Dawood Azami, Senior Broadcast Journalist for the BBC World Service and Souad Mekhennet, Journalist for The New York Times, ZDF and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung were among the speakers of the seminar.

Initiative to reduce youth unemployment undertaken by Global Shapers Greek hub
Thursday, 02 August 2012 00:00



                                        Athens, August 2, 2012

Members of the “Global Shapers" Greek hub of the World Economic Forum held their third meeting in a row yesterday, at the OpenFund offices in Athens. Young people between 20-30 years old, gathered at the initiative of Ms.Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou M.P., member of the "Young Global Leaders" of the World Economic Forum who is the Curator of  the Global Shapers community in Greece. 

The Greek hub’s members are young people with hopes, ideas, and will to change the world. They have the opportunity to shape the future, the future of Greece, serving common good. Each and every one of them have already demonstrated exceptional skills, vision and remarkable talents in their fields. M.s Avgerinopoulou stressed that her primary goal as a Curator is to help young people get in touch with companies and universities abroad.

Members of the Global Shapers community of Greece have already participated in the conferences of Davos and Constantinople, and they were excited to be given the unique opportunity to meet with representatives of the biggest companies in the planet, and exchange views and ideas with some of the most prominent business leaders of the world. They were also thrilled to have opened new professional and academic horizons. 

In their last meeting, Global Shapers Athens hub agreed to create a communication platform in order to facilitate young people with exceptional qualifications and skills to find a job or study abroad. This is an initiative that aims to deal with soaring youth unemployment. It was also decided to further promote Ms. Avgerinopoulou’s initiative "Platform for Greece" in order to attract more foreign investments to Greece.

Ms. Avgerinopoulou will participate in the inaugural global meeting of all Curators of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum, that will be held in Switzerland between 22-27 of August.

Promoting policies that can address the youth unemployment problem and attract more foreign investments to Greece, is Mrs. Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou’s goal during her participation at the inaugural Annual Curators Meeting of the “Global Shapers”
Thursday, 23 August 2012 00:00


Athens, August 23 2012

Promoting policies that can address the youth unemployment problem and attract more foreign investments to Greece, is Mrs. Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou’s goal during her participation at the inaugural Annual Curators Meeting of the “Global Shapers” community, organized by the World Economic Forum.

The Meeting began yesterday evening in Switzerland and will last until August 28. It brings together the Curators of the "Global Shapers", the largest and most significant youth platform, a community of entrepreneurs, academics, scientists, activists, politicians between 20 and 30 years, who exchange views, ideas and take initiatives, in order to shape the world, serving common good. 

At the first Annual Meeting of the «Global Shapers» curators of the World Economic Forum representatives from 168 cities from all over the world, will be attending debating on education, environment and employment.

Ms..Avgerinopoulou, M.P stresses that individuals, countries and businesses need to give more educational and professional opportunities to young people in order to overcome the economic crisis. This is even more pressing, in countries like Greece, or Spain where rates of youth unemployment have exceeded 52.1%.

Ms..Avgerinopoulou, holds the responsibility of establishing the «Global Shapers» hub Greece, as she was selected a “Young Global Leader” by W.E.F in March 2011.

The «Global Shapers» community offers young people the opportunity to exchange ideas, undertake projects and shape the global policy agenda on a number of global challenges. It also improves their career prospects through training programs in famous foreign universities and  makes it possible for them to attend international and regional meetings of the World Economic Forum.